Dentist Tips on How to Get Your Children to Brush

Everyone knows that regular brushing of the teeth remains one of the easiest and most practical ways to keep one’s pearly whites in pristine condition. Adults understand the implications of not properly brushing the teeth. Unfortunately, not all children may have the same foresight. It is up to parents to help their children understand and perform the correct way of brushing their teeth. Here are some tips as shared by a family dentist.

Show them how it’s done.

Since excellent dental care in children is predicated on how well they are able to perform the process of brushing, it is very crucial that you show them how it is done. Be their teacher. It is important to demonstrate how to properly brush the different types of teeth and how much time should be spent on each area of the teeth. If you’re not sure about how to properly brush the teeth, then you shouldn’t be surprised why your kid has poor dental health. You can see this here if you want to freshen up on your own knowledge of how to properly brush the teeth.

Live what you’re teaching your kid.

Some kids fail at brushing their teeth not because their parents did not show them how. It is because they don’t see their parents brushing their own teeth. Kids have this idea that mommy and daddy are teaching something because it is the right thing to do. But what if they don’t see mommy or daddy doing the things they are teaching? Wouldn’t this confuse kids? Certainly. If you want your child to keep on brushing his or her teeth, then you should live what you teach. Be a living example to what you preach.

Make it a habit to brush as a family.

In line with the tip above, you can also encourage the whole family to brush the teeth as a family. This gives young children the idea that brushing the teeth is one way to strengthen the togetherness of the family. It also reinforces what they have already learned from you. This is also a great opportunity to check whether your child is brushing his or her teeth the correct way. If not, then you can easily correct it. If yes, then you can praise your child for doing a good job at brushing his or her teeth.

Create opportunities for kids to master the art of brushing the teeth.

Preschoolers have very vivid imagination. They can have imaginary friends and can play with different characters. You can use this to your advantage by incorporating stories of oral and dental care into your child’s fantasy world. You can play pretend with your child. She can be a dentist showing her Teddy Bear patient how to properly brush its teeth. He can be the tooth guardian who is out to fight villains of the teeth and gums using only his mighty toothbrush-shaped sword. Be as creative as you can be.

Design a toothbrushing calendar.

While it may not guarantee that your child will brush his or her teeth, creating a toothbrushing calendar and hanging it in the bathroom can help remind your child to brush his or her teeth. You can also add a bit of motivation to the calendar especially if you have a younger child. For example, you can put a ‘gift’ or ‘reward’ every 7th day of the week so your child will be more than encouraged to brush his or her teeth twice daily. Of course, you need to have an inspection before you can give the reward.

Choose a family dentist your kid likes and trusts.

Perhaps one of the best ways you can get your children to brush their teeth properly is by choosing a family dentist that they can trust and like. Young children look up to adults other than their parents and other family members. If you can choose a dentist who is naturally gentle with kids and knows exactly how to motivate children to brush their teeth, this can go a long way towards establishing a lifetime of good oral health.

We are always told that the key to excellent oral and dental health in adults is to have a good start in childhood. Let these tips guide you in ensuring your child’s optimum oral health.